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Bonded Memberships:  

There is a $50 fee to be added to our waiting list for the upcoming season.  This fee can be applied towards the purchase of a bond when one becomes available.  The $50 fee is forfeited if a bond is not purchased when it becomes available.  


Guest Memberships: 


A limited number of Guest Memberships are available for those on our wait list for an additional $100 after regular dues and fees.  The additional $100 fee will be applied to a bond purchase if one becomes available during the current season.  A Guest Membership is not secure until all payments of dues and fees have been received.


Membership Rates:  

Membership dues include a refundable $100 maintenance fee payable with membership dues.  This fee is refundable by completing 5 hours volunteer work at our annual work days in May.  


We need your volunteer time more than your money.  

Please plan to pitch in and earn back this fee.


Family Membership: 2 adults plus all dependent children in household at same address

$425 dues plus $100 refundable maintenance fee = $525  


2-person Membership: 2 persons living in the same household with one at least 21yrs of age

$325 dues plus $100 refundable maintenance fee = $425 


1-person/Single Membership: 1 person at least 21 years of age

$225 dues plus $100 refundable maintenance fee = $325


Senior Membership: maintenance fee waived for members 65yrs or older


Is there a Bond?  

Yes, you can purchase a bond with a one-time $360 payment when one becomes available.



Current members will receive 10-guest passes when new members join with you as their referral, a $50 value. No limit on how many you can earn.  Start spreading the word now!


Is there a one-year trial membership with no bond purchase?

No, sorry. Since demand for our membership has increased, we no longer offer a one-year trial.  Feel free to contact our membership director for more details.  



We hope you'll join us!

Pool Address:  802 Cheltenham Road  Wilmington, DE  19808  
Mailing Address: PO Box 5621 Wilmington, DE  19808
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